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Technology No. : 020
Organization : Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore, Karnataka
Subject : Mulberry Sericulture
Category : Agronomy
Technology Name :

Triacontanol for Increased Mulberry Productivity

Personnel : Mishra RK, Shukla RK, Chaudhury PC,
Year of Recommendation : 1989
Salient Features of the Technology :

The cultivation technology developed for mulberry including fertilizer inputs and cultural operations have led to the improvement in leaf yield in mulberry. The production and quality of leaf can be further increased by increasing the assimilation (photosynthate) in plants and directing the assimilate movement to the leaves. This can be achieved by exogenous application of plant growth regulators like Triacontanol.

Triacontanol (TRIA) is a 30 carbon primary alcohol and is present in the cuticle of the leaf. Since its identification as growth regulating substance, it has been found to enhance the growth and yield of different crops. As the pure form of the chemical is costlier, the commercial formulations available in the market (Vipul/Triacontanol-cf) can be effectively used.

The optimum dose works out to be 250 ml formulation (Vipul/Triacontanol-cf) per hectare per harvest in two equal splits of 125 ml of each in 600 litres of water.  First spray (125 ml/ha) has to be done 10-15 days after bottom pruning and the second spray (125 ml/ha) after 15 days of first spray. The same method can be followed also after leaf harvest. For each time, the total spray volume  should be about 600 liters containing 125 ml of formulation.

Advantages over Alternative Technologies :
  • 27.86 and 26.64% increase in leaf yield and cocoon yield, respectively due to application of n-Triacontanol (Vipul) as foliar spray over control which yielded 31.47 MT leaf/ha/yr and 15.46 kg cocoon/10,000 larvae brushed.                                                                                                                               
  • Cost benefit ratio is 1:2.36.
Precautions while Adoption/Usage :
  • Use hand operated or power sprayer.
  • Do not use PVC vessels or tubes.
  • Use clean water, free from suspended particles.
  • Spray on a bright sunny day during morning hours.
  • There should be a gap of minimum 5 hours between spray and rain during rainy season. In case it rains early, the spray has to be repeated next day.
  • The leaves should be drenched while spraying.
  • Store the chemical in a cool place.
  • It is not a substitute for fertilizer.
  • Apply the recommended dose of fertilizer 2-3 days before the first spray.
  • Fertilizer application should be followed by irrigation.
  • A clear cut increase in plant growth and leaf chlorophyll content can be observed due to spray of Triacontanol. The leaf yield increases by 15-20% over unsprayed plots. The leaf sugar and protein contents will also be high.
Whether the Technology is Patented/Commercialized :

Recommended for adoption

Source of Information :

Handbook of Sericulture Technologies,CSB - 2003 pp.xxii, Annual Reports: 1988-89, 2000-01.

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