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Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute , Bangalore

Technology No. : 043
Organization : Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute, Bangalore, Karnataka
Subject : Mulberry Sericulture
Category : Silkworm Rearing Technology
Technology Name :

Corrugated Card board Box for Chawki Transportation

Personnel : Muniraju E, Sekharappa BM, Raghuraman R,
Year of Recommendation : 1995
Salient Features of the Technology :

Management of silkworm during chawki has direct influence on subsequent development and cocoon production. To provide the required nutritious leaf and congenial environmental conditions the concept of chawki rearing centers was developed to ensure distribution of healthy and robust worms to sericulturists.  It is recommended to rearer the larvae upto 2nd instar in CRC and transported to the rearers place after 1st feeding of the 3rd instar. The mode of transportation includes carrying as head load, bicycle or other means depending upon the convenience and distance. Several locally developed and convenient methods/contrivances were used for Chawki transportation and because of inbuilt limitations the contrivances are also not popular. Keeping the transportation requirement like congenial environment for chawki in view a corrugated card board chawki transportation box has been designed, evaluated and recommended for field adoption. The specifications of the box is as follows

Specifications : The developed corrugated cardboard Chawki Transportation Box is having the following specifications.

Length : 20

Width   : 15

Depth : 4 with closing and opening provisions on the top.

Provision for aeration : All along the sides of the box 1 circular 14 holes have been provided for the aeration during chawki transportation.

Material selected : Because of the air spaces the corrugated cardboard selected for the purpose acts as a thermo-insulating material.

Preparation of the box for chawki transportation :

  • The boxes should be disinfected/fumigated using suitable chemical ina closed air tight room.
  • Wax paper should be spread all along the bottom and sides of the box.
  • 25 dfls larvae after 2nd moult has to be placed along with leaf from the top and the provided doors should be closed just before transportation.
  • Boxes with chawki larvae can be piled one above the other while transportation in a vehicle or any other method of transportation.
Advantages over Alternative Technologies :
  • Provides congenial environmental conditions during transportation
  • User-friendly and environmental friendly.
Precautions while Adoption/Usage :

Larvae should be shifted to the rearing tray/rack immediately after reaching the rearing place and dusted with bed disinfectants.  Rearing should be carried out as per recommendations.

Source of Information :

Muniraju E (1995), Studies on standardization of chawki rearing methods for tropics, Ph.D. Thesis, Indian J. Seric., 42(1) : 28-31, Proceedings of the National Seminar on mulberry sericulture research in India, Nov 26-28, 2001, Eds. UD Bongale et al. KSSRDI, Bangalore, 587-594.

Photo of technology

Chawki transportation boxes